Pininfarina Battista all-electric hypercar boasts bespoke Naim Audio system

Automobili Pininfarina, the luxury car brand spun out of the renowned Italian automotive design studio, has revealed that its upcoming Battista – the world’s first pure-electric luxury hypercar – will be packing a bespoke Naim Audio system when it launches.

Delivering a meaty 1300 watts of amplification, finessed by a sophisticated Digital Signal Processing (DSP) system, the Naim audio system will drive a ten-speaker array (sourced from Naim sister company Focal), along with a dual-voice coil subwoofer located between the two seats. High frequencies will be taken care of by custom-designed super-tweeters, secreted behind the seats and in the door panels. 

Delivering a meaty 1300 watts of amplification, the Naim audio system will drive a ten-speaker array

Audio tuning is optimised for the all electric engine

The Salisbury-designed audio system will also play a part in conveying the sound of the car’s quad of e-motors, one of which are located at each wheel. “At cruising speeds, the nature of Battista will be serene and peaceful and in this scenario, sound quality will be critical,” says Charlie Henderson, Naim Audio Managing Director. “We see this as a fantastic opportunity to create an all-new sound experience that is as revolutionary as Battista itself.”

With a collective 1900 horses on tap, top whack of 217mph and a claimed 0-62mph speed of under two seconds, that should be a soundtrack worth making time for. No word, though, on whether neck-braces will be on the options list.

Faster than a Formula 1 car in a sub two second sprint

Bass-freaks might be disappointed to learn that Naim has seemingly opted not to include ‘shakers’ in the seats (as it did in the Bentley Bentayga SUV) but given the Battista’s snug cabin they probably won’t be missed. Intriguingly, Pininfarina has declared that it intends to launch a EV-based competitor to the Bentayga within the next three years so it will be interesting to see if Naim/Focal get that contract, too.

The electric car maker has developed a small fleet of prototype Battista hypercars, which will enter final stages of testing this August. No more than 150 hypercars will be produced.

Deliveries of the Battista, claimed to be ‘the most powerful car ever designed and built in Italy’, originally were set to begin by the end of the year in Europe but will now commence early in 2021. Blame the virus. 

Still, on the bright side, that’ll give fans a few months longer to get back to work and earn the circa £2m they’ll need to secure the keys to one. There’s always a silver lining if you look hard enough…

The Pinifarina partnership is a coup for Naim Audio

Designed, engineered and produced by hand in Italy, the Battista hypercar and all future models will be sold under the Pininfarina name. The new company aims to be the most sustainable luxury car brand in the world.

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