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These sapphire encrusted earbuds are an outrageous synthesis of Hi-Fi and high fashion

The world’s most expensive earbuds are now available in the UK. Blue Dragon, from Chinese audio specialist QDC, boasts impressive audio technology, but it’s the sapphire encrusted enclosures which will grab your attention. Each Blue Dragon takes three months to craft, and retails for £12,199.

These high concept headphones are the result of eighteen months of design work. The manufacturer describes them as a synthesis of everything it knows about high-end design and construction, with a level of finish more befitting the jewellery sector.

These high concept headphones are the result of eighteen months of design work…

800 sapphires encrust the enclosures

The Blue Dragon is designed around the driver complement found in the brand’s flagship Anole VX in-ear monitors. This means there are ten drivers in each enclosure, grouped to produce a high bandwidth stereo soundstage. 

QDC has upgraded the enclosures that these drivers sit in. Made from sections of gold fused titanium, they’re ultra light and sonically inert, as well as being ergonomically shaped for a red carpet worthy fit. Then the housings are finished with no fewer than 800 sapphires.  

Matching Dragon Skin audio cable

The supplied audio cable, appropriately dubbed Dragon Skin, features gold plated pure sterling silver conductors, silver plated single crystal copper and an alloy using copper and palladium. It’s terminated using a 2.5mm balanced connection, for use on a wide range of portable audio players.

Blue Dragon in-ear monitors are available in the UK exclusively via Audio Concierge, a specialist in bespoke personal audio solutions. Visit Audio Concierge online here.

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