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Panasonic debuts True Wireless headphones with active noise cancelling and long-life battery

Compact endurance earbuds have been designed with travellers in mind

Panasonic has introduced its first true wireless headphones, the RZ-S500W with active noise cancelling, and the compact RZ-S300W (pictured above) with long lasting battery. 

The brand denies that it’s late to the party. Speaking at a launch webinar, it said that so far only one brand has made a success of wire-free earbuds (a not so subtle reference to Apple).

Panasonic hails its new headphones as the first truly travel suitable true wireless earbuds. And when you consider their long-life batteries, it may be right.

The top-end RZ-S500W boasts Dual Hybrid Noise Cancelling technology with Feedforward and Feedback Noise Cancelling, designed to capture ambient noise outside and inside the headphones.

Both digital noise processing and analogue sound filtering are used to suppress noise. The combination is said to be uniquely efficient. Panasonic describes this ANC as ‘best in its class.’

For enhanced call clarity, the earbuds utilise high-performance MEMS microphones built into a patent-pending cabinet structure designed to combat wind noise and keep voices crisp. The RZ-S500W adds beam-forming technology to better pick up speech and suppress ambient hubbub. Six microphones are in play in total.

The RZ-S500W features Dual Hybrid Noise Cancelling Technology described as best in class…

The RZ-S500W – your new travel buddies?

For an improved Bluetooth connection, both models use a unique antenna design, with an external touch sensor on each earbud. Left-Right Independent Signalling System helps to improve stability.

The new models aren’t really sports-centric but they are IPX4-equivalent splash-proof. There’s also voice compatibility for Siri and Google Assistant. Support for Amazon’s Alexa is on the cards.

Panasonic’s RZ-S500W feature powerful noise cancelling

Battery life is a compelling reason to buy. The RZ-S500W boasts 6.5 hours of continuous playback with noise cancellation turned on. The supplied charging case offers two more full charges, giving a total of 19.5 hours of playback usage.

The RZ-S300W is even more impressive, with 7.5 hours playtime. The S300W case adds three further top-ups, giving a total run time of 30 hours.  That’s your next long-haul trip covered. They’re smaller than their stablemates too, measuring just 17mm in diameter. 

Both ship at the end of June. The RZ-S500W is available in black or white, priced at £169, while the RZ-S300W sells for £109, and is available in a choice of black, white or minty green.

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