This natural pool in the Dominican Republic resort of Scape Park is to dive for

Get out the bucket list, we’ve got a new addition for you. There’s a natural swimming pool in the Dominican Republic that’s to dive for. 

Actually it’s a blue water cenote, which is to say it’s a sinkhole that’s resulted from a collapsed bedrock. When the groundwater that swells beneath is revealed, you get a remarkable spring water pool. Known as the Hoyo Azul or blue hole, it’s become a favourite diversion for visitors to Scape Park, the popular water theme park at Cap Cana.

The spectacular Hoyo Azul at Scape Park

Surrounded by lush rain forest, the Hoyo Azul is approximately 14m in depth, and sits at the foot of a 75-meter tall limestone cliff, and covered in vegetation. Before you can cast caution to the wind, and leap into the tempting turquoise waters, you’ll have to hike through an orchid garden, and cross a spectacular suspension bridge. That’s exercise we don’t mind taking.

Zip wire fun at Scape Park (image © Scape Park)

There’s plenty of other attractions at Scape Park, which combines water attractions, wild zip wire rides and cave trails with white sandy beaches and dining options. We reckon it’s just the place to snag some awesome pictures for your instagram. 

The regular admission price to this natural theme park is $149; transport is readily available from local hotels.

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