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How to remove pre-bonded hair extensions at home, according to expert hair stylists

Since staying home, we’re attempting our finest banana bread recipes, finding time for some serious skincare treatments, and getting through all the Netflix series we’ve been meaning to stream for ages. 

But some needs aren’t so well suited to staying in – and if you have hair extensions it’s time to take out, you’ll know that the struggle without a salon is real. 

For those worried about their head turning into a matted mess, though, we have some good news! You can remove your extensions at home, and keep your hair healthy in the process, even when you can’t get to a salon. You just need some expert stylist know-how… and we’ve found it. 

The hair experts at Inanch London, the creator of leading hair extension brand, Gold Class Hair, have launched the Gold Class Hair Extension Removal Kit, created especially for people with pre-bonded hair extensions that are due for removal and are unable to get to their local hair salon due to the lockdown.

Inanch London has released the Gold Class Hair Extension Removal Kit, for removing pre-bonded hair extensions at home

Not only is the kit an essential for anyone whose pre-bonded extensions are growing out at the same rate as our roots, so are their essential tips on using it safely and protecting your tresses. 

The kit includes Gold Class’s Bond Removal Gel, which breaks down the bonds so that they slide out of the hair, damage-free, the Gold Class Removal Plier, to break down the bond with the gel, a soft-bristled Gold Class Detangling Brush to help keep your hair extensions free from tangling, and the Gold Class Argan Gold Shampoo and Conditioner to deep clean your hair & scalp, leaving no residue after. 

The kit includes the Gold Class Detangling Brush, which has soft bristles to keep your hair from tangling

“We always recommend that pre-bonded hair extensions are removed after 3-4 months of wear to avoid any tangling issues as the extension bonds move down along with the client’s own natural hair growth. We didn’t want this to be a burden for our clients during the lockdown so we came up with our pre-bonded hair extensions removal home kit,” said Gold Class Founder, Inanch Emir.

We spoke to Inanch London’s expert stylists for their pro-tips on removing your pre-bonded extensions at home, yourself. Our hair has never been so grateful (the less said about our roots though, the better). 

How to remove your hair extensions using the Gold Class removal gel and removal pliers

  1. Make sure your hair is totally dry, then brush through with the Gold Class detangling brush to make sure your hair is totally knot-free.
  2. Apply the Gold Class removal gel to a few hair extension bonds at a time and massage into the bonds.  Gold Class recommends that you or your partner wears latex gloves before using the removal gel. For extra safety, please do not allow under 18s to handle the product.  
  3. Once you have applied and massaged the removal gel into the bonds, crack the bonds (one by one) with the Gold Class removal plier, moving the plier up, down and around on the bond only, NOT your own hair.  
  4. Once the bonds start to crumble, they should easily slip down your hair.  Test this by gently pulling the ends of the extensions. If they do not slip down easily then repeat step 3.
  5. Once you have removed all your hair extension bonds, Gold Class recommends that you use their Argan Gold Shampoo and Conditioner to deep cleanse your own hair and remove any residues.  

Watch this video to see the perfect technique for using the kit to remove your extensions.

The Gold Class Extensions Removal Kit is available for £49.00 from Inanch London.

Now, it’s time for a head massage…

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