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This audio Personal Trainer app is offering a month’s free access to workouts

Audio fitness app Auro is offering a month’s free subscription right now – and it’s the perfect opportunity to treat your body and mind to some much-welcomed workouts.

The nifty audio app, which offers guided exercises in a range of regimes, is like having a personal trainer in your ears. Its workouts don’t require any exercise equipment, either: all you need is your headphones or a speaker, and your smartphone, and then you’re good to go – on your bike, bulky Peloton equipment!

While there are a wealth of great workouts on Youtube to follow at home, they also tie you to your screen inside. The great thing about these in-ear sessions is that you can use them away from your living room. Each one comes with pictures so you can make sure you’re following the instructions correctly, but then doesn’t require you to look at a screen during it – so you can follow the workout in your garden or on a run, for spring-worthy wellness.

The audio Personal Trainer app lets you take classes on the run

The app offers more than 150 on-demand audio fitness classes, which update monthly and can be downloaded to listen to offline, too. Guided by experienced PTs offering advice throughout each, classes include outdoor running, walking, treadmill, X-trainer, strength training, spin, rowing, yoga and stretching, with each one curated to its own motivational playlist. Or, if you’d rather run to your own beat, you can overlay your own Spotify music playlists to them.

Now, here’s where it gets really clever: it’s all about personalistion. The app uses sophisticated Al-based algorithms to personalise each workout to suit you, just like a having a physical personal trainer. Using its own specialised AI engine, Auro “analyses multiple input streams to hyper-personalise fitness experiences” say its creators – what you really need to know, though, is that it’s the next best thing to having a trainer right there with you.

Auro is like having a Personal Trainer in your ears

Handily, the app pairs with Apple Watch, Garmin and other wearables to give stats and deeper personalisation – and if you’re finding it tough to stick to your fitness regime solo because you thrive on being competitive, the Auro leaderboards allow you to compete with other members, based on users’ heartrate data. 

Auro is offering a lockdown-friendly free one month trial right now. After that, a subscription costs either £59.99 for 12 months (equivalent to £4.99 per month) or £11.99 a month, billed monthly, which is great value compared to the cost of an in-person PT. They’re also offering a 50% discount for all NHS staff who sign up here.

So if you need us, we’ll be taking our downward dogs to the garden – bark optional. 

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